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Indola dünyamıza ve ailemize dair en taze bilgileri almak için Indola haberlerini takip edin. Kuaförlerimizin en iyi ipuçlarını alın, eğitim seçeneklerimizi izleyin, en yeni görünümleri keşfedin ve Indola’nın en son yeniliklerini öğrenin.


New Smart Street Style collection 2017

Street Style inspired by authentic, real hair. #SimplySmarter

Find out about a totally wearable collection inspired by authentic, real hair. Street style now has just as much influence as the classic runway shows.

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Mustafa Yanaz

Stylist @mustafayanaz

His relentless dedication to honing his craft earned him the “German Hairdresser of the Year” title, three years in a row.

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Niki Nguyen

Colourist @TheNiksters

Her rising profile has helped grow her team who, she says, inspires her to work harder, break boundaries and create awesome work.

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Jessie Bush

We The People

Jessie Bush echoes our new mission as we take the next smart step across the digital world to bring real street style direct into our followers’ lives

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Zina Charkoplia


For her being stylish is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Not one to shy away from offbeat patterns, striking style combinations, and the season’s hard-to-tackle trends.

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New Indola PCC Relaunch with new hero

Colour Transformer

Indola’s world’s first Colour Transformer will help you to transform almost all* PCC shades into Demi-Permanent equivalents. Infinity of colour services with less shades stockage! *Except for Intense coverage, Creator and Blonde Expert shades

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Learn how to create the iconic looks using the latest products and techniques.

Our goal is to put YOU at the centre of everything we do and we totally get that you want to learn on your terms, where you want to, when you want to and do this, if you want to 24/7, it’s your call. We say: #SimplySmarter.

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How To

How to get the look

Our Indola hairdressers show you how to create hot new looks with super smart products and techniques tips. From cool colour tutorials to snappy care and styling videos, getting the look has never been simpler.

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